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Shanghai Teanle Industry Co.,Ltd

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Shanghai Teanle Industry Co.,Ltd

P&C CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of color pencils (crayons) in S.Korea. Our crayons have obtained the NON-TOXIC certificate and have passed the European standard EN71 Part1-3. We have a wide range of market around the world. Now we are also distributing all types of high quality Chinese stationery.

We always dedicate to provide the best elegant stationery to our customers with best quality ,most competitive prices,and the best services.

If you have any requirements about our mutual cooperation, please feel free to contact us!

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2007/11/8 14:35:07

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Shanghai Teanle Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Room 725, No.1187 Wuzhong Road, shanghai,200127,china
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Mr. Park Charles ( exporter )
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