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Guang Dong Eastcross Stationery Co.,Ltd

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Guang Dong Eastcross Stationery Co.,Ltd

Established in 1997, we at Guangdong Eastcross Stationery Co. Ltd understand the premium buyers like you who emphasize on quality.

Source your PP products from us and you won't have to worry about quality. We implement a tight QC regimen, from raw materials to finished products, to ensure that nothing is compromised. And throughout our nine years in business, we have had no quality complaints.

Choose from our range, including PP gift boxes and bags, packing boxes, storage boxes and stationery items. Made with brand-new, environmentally friendly materials, our products are exported to buyers in 40 countries across Europe, America and Australia.

We develop 20 new models per month, and our 25 designers can make a new item from scratch in just one week. Find out more about our products and services. Send us your inquiries today.

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2007/11/8 14:35:09

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Guang Dong Eastcross Stationery Co.,Ltd

Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
13/F,Shanrong Bldg,Jinsha Road East,Shantou,Guangdong,China
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Ms. Lin Jiansi ( Manager )
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