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Wenzhou Daili Hardware Co.,ltd

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Wenzhou Daili Hardware Co.,ltd

Wenzhou Daili Hardware Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1995. As a professional manufacturer and exporter in China,we own facilities covering over 9,000 square meters, among which construction area is 6,000 square meters. We are a medium sized enterprise mainly specializing in hardware,craftwork, and office supplies.

銆€銆€After over 10 years'development, we have mastered professional skills. Our factory can design and produce advanced office supplies, hardware and crafts.Assemblies of automatic coining and proces line of heat treatment can handle about 200,000 products, while our process line of surface treatment can manufacture second-color luxurious illumination products,slap-up locks and furniture.

銆€銆€We have won a good reputation for our sincere and world-class services,especially for our advantages in new product development and quality control.Our technical team ensures that we can meet customers'requirements with latest quality products.

銆€銆€Interested clients please feel free to contact with us for more information

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2007/11/8 14:35:10

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Wenzhou Daili Hardware Co.,ltd

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, china
xiazhang industrial zone, Li’ao town
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Mr. john xu ( businessman )
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