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Shenzhen Weiwang Plastic Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Weiwang Plastic Co., Ltd

The flourishing PVC plastic material goods milies of Shenzhen might is one possess many years the PVC's plastic cement bag manufacture business specially go in for. Our mill havees personnel and much irrigations ditch stuff supplier that well-developed manufacture installation as the technique of number of homes and abroad are skillful, Be able to be extremely great meeies wide client is living PVC's plastic cement bag the different demands. Strict dministration, The behaviour of norm does, Produce of high grade, Good service, Cause the produce keep improving, Still more go up the fresh step, The trust of deep home and abroad travelling merchant, "Client is in the interest of earlier, Quality first, Stand by contract "It is the persistent purpose of worn-out mill, Worn-out mill as before produce with the high grade, Favorable price, The good serves to wide travelling merchant serves, Forges happyly together tomorrow.
The produce that this mill gives birth to chiefly possess: Puts on makeup bag, PVC's plastic material bag, Put up the clothes case, CD's package, Page inner place the CD, PVC packages bag, The PVC enteres oil, Enter aquatic product, The PVC shelters the aperture and overspreads, TPU's produce, EVA's produce, PVC's colour cord, Put up cord, Stationery slipcase and PVC's gas charging toy, Present, Mouse cushion, The key suspends the tablet. The wide client of welcome the picture comes the type order.

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2007/11/23 20:06:24

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Shenzhen Weiwang Plastic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Rm705 Shenyao Building, 3Block Bugua Futian District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,Chiina
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Mr. Tommy chen ( manager )
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