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DaZheng Hardware Stationery Products Co.,Ltd.

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DaZheng Hardware Stationery Products Co.,Ltd.

Our company was founded in early 2000, is located in the economic, transportation and of communications are very well-developed Pearl River Delta hinterland. We have various large equipments being of good quality, high technology and professional skills. We have introduced many advance ideas and tecnologies from outside to create our brands by research, innovation for a long time. We have a professional engineer team being with high management and high efficiency to produce the large achievement and provide the best service and quality.
   We have many years experience in the production and selling of print and binding machines, we have developed the strongest sales network in South-China and East-China. It is an enterprise specialised in manufacturing print and binding machinery development, as well as offering the best price and having a strong power on market.
Our products include stationery accessories, binding clips,metal clip, stationery folders,plastic clip,curtain clip,crocodile clip,label clip,board clip,snakes folder and folders,calendar folders,apron,YO coil,plastic bar and series of binding Material and Hardware shaped craft pieces,most of the products are exported to overseas.
"We are also the well-known agents of various binding machines, punching machines and another automatic office machineries from domestic and overseas market.

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Trading Company         
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North America   Eastern Asia   Africa   
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1900/1/1 0:00:00

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DaZheng Hardware Stationery Products Co.,Ltd.

Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
A1313,Buioding1,Square Tianjian,Shatai North Road,Guangzhou City.Guangdong Province P.R.C
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