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Cosimex (Shanghai) Ltd.

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Trade Leads
2009 New Product, hot sale(15)
sell deskmat
sell deskmat(2020/4/2 14:28:22)
-Item number:4150-01 -Informative sheet encased in a clear overlay -44cm x 63cm -Thickness 2.0mm -Design:World Map  
sell deskmat
sell deskmat(2020/4/2 14:28:22)
-Item number:4191-10 -Side clear overlay -Protects and hold notes/business cards while providing visibility -PVC with non-slip backing -34cm x 48cm -Thickness 2.0mm -Color:black  
sell deskmat
sell deskmat(2020/4/2 14:28:22)
-Item number:4190-10 -Side clear overlay -Protects and hold notes/cards while providing isibility -45cm x 59cm -Thickness 2.0mm  
SCISSOR(2020/4/3 12:58:55)
Scissors “Ultra Sharp” branded (20,000 pcs) and non-brand (approx 60,000 pcs). They are in good quality, transparent pouch and bulk packed (approx 140 per box). “Ultra Sharp” branded at USD 0.19 ...  
Aluminum Storage Clipboard, w/white light
Aluminum Storage Clipboard, w/white light (带灯铝盒), 1pc/clamshell Item NO. 00655 usd7.021/个 4pcs/ carton  
clip board /file
clip board /file(2020/4/2 15:30:06)
Can put 12" laptop Plastic w/calculator Shoulder strap Individual accessories storage  
math set
math set(2020/4/3 8:39:10)
Item No: V62001 Math set including: ruler, protractor, set square, compasses, pencil sharpener, pencil, eraser  
eraser(2020/4/2 15:31:17)
Item No: V41071 Eraser, with "Tom" face logo  
coil pen clipbaord
coil pen clipbaord(2020/4/2 15:30:06)
V56532: coil pen clipboard replaceable pen pen pullback  
Green Line Series
Green Line Series(2020/4/2 15:31:17)
Green Line Series: 13 kinds stationery products, such as pen holder, binder, stapler, clipboard...etc.  

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