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Trade Leads
novelty pen(3)novelty toy(10)novelty stationery(4)
Eye pop out highlighter with suction hat
1) ideal as new promotional idea 2) logo printing acceptable 3) OEM design are welcome Email : Skype ID : chanceller819 *** Yahoo ID : http:...  
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Magic fun fly stick
Magic fun fly stick(2020/4/2 15:38:46)
Fun Fly Stick The Fun Fly Stick is a battery powered levitation wand with no strings or smoke effects needed! Simply turn your wand on, toss the silver shape in front of you and shake it off to wat...  
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Animal wrist mouse pad
Animal wrist mouse pad(2019/10/17 11:08:58)
Wrist support 1) Funny Animal Wrist Support 2) 8 Characters for selection 3) ideal as new promotional idea 4) logo printing acceptable 5) OEM design are welcome Email : fangzhengcn@hotmail.c...  
Clocky the runaway alarm clock
Clocky the runaway alarm clock(2019/10/17 9:14:08)
Clocky the runaway alarm clock. Set your alarm and as soon as it goes off the Clocky will lurch forward and then move off in random directions for 30 seconds (ensure you have set the snooze time to ...  
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Eyes pop out keychain
Eyes pop out keychain(2019/10/17 9:14:08)
Eyes pop out keychain toy Squeeze the lovely animal head, it’s eyes will be pop out,stop to press,the eyes turn back Insider soft TPR,it’s safe customer’s logo can be printed on It can be used for ...  
Sort: Toys >> Novel Toys
Egg speaker
Egg speaker(2020/4/3 12:09:07)
Features: ? Extension tube: Small in size but big in bass ? Tumbler Design: Relaxing yourself ? Pocketsize portability: Small enough and carry around on a daily-basis ? Volume control: Through...  
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sandwich,pizza,hamburger,hotdog USB
The fresh is always the most appetizing. "Freshly Baked" USB Drive Bread Series is doomed to give you a good shopping appetite with its innovative design and trustworthy quality. Different to the ...  
Sun jar
Sun jar(2019/10/17 11:08:58)
This is new generation product for the first,we add our traditional handicraft drawing on the jar,and with many figures.All is done by human,not print....... The Sun Jar is an ingenious and rather ...  
Smile animal namecard holder
Smile animal namecard holder(2019/10/17 11:08:58)
Smile animal namecard holder novelty namecard/memo holder/clipper with creative design 1) ideal as new promotional idea 2) logo printing acceptable 3) OEM design are welcome Email : fangzh...  
Happy beans clip holder
Happy beans clip holder(2020/4/2 15:31:32)
Happy beans clip holder Happy beans clip holder with creative design 1) ideal as new promotional idea 2) logo printing acceptable 3) OEM design are welcome Email : ...  

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