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Stationery in china

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Ningbo Holida Calculators Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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Trade Leads
calculator HLD -869
calculator HLD -869(2018/7/30 17:24:43)
specification: 20*14.5*0.9cm Packing:opp bag 200pcs/ctn CTN size:45*34*51cm G.W:11KG Description:suspendible leather bag calculator with magnet solar power ,8digits display with ROHS and CE cer...  
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exchange conversion calculator HLD-830
specification:8.6*5.4*0.5cm Packing:bubble bag CTN:1000sets/ctn Measure:50*31*39.5cm G.W/N.W:22/21KG Description:the super and thin rate of exchange of name card converts the machine.  
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office calculator HLD-804
office calculator HLD-804(2018/7/30 17:27:06)
Specification:13.7*10.2*2cm Packing:white box CTN:120sets/ctn Measure:50*29.5*44.5cm G.W/N.W:19/18KG Description:office type,8digits display,two way calculator Color:According to th...  
gift calculator HLD-824
gift calculator HLD-824(2018/8/1 14:45:17)
Specification:9.6*7.3*1.3cm Packing:white box Measure:300sets/ctn 45*34*41.5cm G.W/N.W:17/15.5KG Description:made by rubber,feel comfortable. Color:According to the appointed quantity,you can cho...  
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gift calculator HLD-822
gift calculator HLD-822(2018/7/30 17:24:43)
Specification: 12*9.5*1.5cm Packing:white box Measure:200sets/ctn 47.5*39*22.5cm G.W/N.W:22/20KG Description:made by rubber,feel comfortable.  
gift calculator HLD-831
gift calculator HLD-831(2018/8/1 14:45:17)
Specfication:8.5*8*1.5cm Packing:white box Measure:400sets/ctn 44.5*42*39cm G.W/N.W:14/12KG Description:cartoon core nearby arc,entire seal gift calculator Color:According to the...  
Sort: Gifts >> Sales Gifts
gift calculator HLD-829
gift calculator HLD-829(2018/8/1 14:36:05)
Specification:6.5*9.5*1.5cm Packing:white box Measure:200sets/ctn 53.5*43.5*34.5cm G.W/N.W:10/8KG Description:8 figures demonstrations,the human nature design,feel comfortable gift calcula...  
Sort: Gifts >> Sales Gifts
cartoon calculator HLD-826
cartoon calculator HLD-826(2018/8/1 14:36:05)
Specification:9.6*7.4*0.9cm Packing:white box Measure:200sets/ctn 51*35.5*33cm G.W/N.W:10/8KG Description:battery 8 digits display Color:According to the appointed quantity,you can choo...  
Sort: Gifts >> Sales Gifts
office calculator HLD-608
office calculator HLD-608(2018/7/30 17:27:32)
Specification:12.5*9.5*2.5cm Packing:white box Measure:90sets/ctn 43.8*39.5*40cm G.W/N.W:10/8.5KG Description:battery 8digits display Color:According to the appointed quantity,you can choose any ...  
office calculator HLD-804
office calculator HLD-804(2018/7/30 17:27:32)
Specification:13.7*10.2*2cm Packing:white box Measure:120sets/ctn 50*29.5*44.5cm G.W/N.W:19/18KG Description:office type,12 digits display two way power. Color:According to the appointed quantity...  

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