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Stationery in china

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Ningbo ChengYi Tools Co.,Ltd.

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No. 4376
Trade Leads
Co-moulded Plastic Cutter Knife(18)Plastic Cutter Knife(31)Graver/Precise knife(4)Tape Dispenser(3)Scraper(7)
Carpet Knife(5)Metal Cutter Knife(21)Putty knife(1)Others(4)
Magnifier NC8560
Magnifier NC8560(2018/11/20 8:37:06)
aluminium alloy handle easy use  
Paper knife/Letter knife NC104
Paper knife/Letter knife NC104(2018/11/20 8:37:06)
Product Name:Paper knife or Letter knife easy use sharp knife  
Small cutter knife NC08
Small cutter knife NC08(2018/11/20 8:37:06)
easy use,convenience carry  
Small Cutter Knife NC08A
Small Cutter Knife NC08A(2018/11/20 8:37:06)
easy use,convenience  
Cutter Knife NC3209A
Cutter Knife NC3209A(2018/11/20 8:49:20)
sets of school supplies  
Cutter Knife NC3150A
Cutter Knife NC3150A(2018/11/20 8:49:20)
contain NC1549 and NC1550  
Cutter Knife NC3106A
Cutter Knife NC3106A(2018/11/20 8:49:20)
Product name:Cutter Knife 6pcs/set,contain NC120T and NC87T Blade size:80*9mm and 100*18mm  
Graver NC1729
Graver NC1729(2018/11/20 8:49:20)
Product name:NC1729  
Craver Knife NC1743
Craver Knife NC1743(2018/10/31 8:40:54)
Product name: Graver 13pcs/set  
Paper cutter knife NC237-1
Paper cutter knife NC237-1(2018/11/16 10:42:54)
Product name:Paper cutter knife Blade size:39.5*19.5mm easy use  
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