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Stationery in china

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Wenzhou Hongdu Stationery Co.,Ltd

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water color pen(11)
stamper highlighter
stamper highlighter(2018/11/2 11:08:10)
we specialized in making stamper pen,stationery sets,water color pen.  
item 888 water color pen stationery
we are specialized in making stationery sets,water color pen,crayons,etc.  
whiteborad color pens marker
whiteborad color pens marker(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
The ink is all imported,with viivd color pens.The raw materials are subject to EN71,ASTM D etc national standards.  
colorants pen stationery
colorants pen stationery(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
Usage for 2 years.  
colorants pen
colorants pen(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
Smoothy writing.  
Color permanent marker
Color permanent marker(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
Non-toxic with bright colors. No fading,No change under normal temperature. SIZE:  
Water color Staionery set
Water color Staionery set(2018/11/20 8:39:50)
Smoothy writing.Staionery set.  
Color Pen Marker
Color Pen Marker(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
Water Color Pen. 12PCS:192SETS SIZE:L165XD8mm CTN:50x37x39cm 12PCS:144SETS SIZE:L165xD8mm CTN:41x34x25CM  
Color Pen Marker
Color Pen Marker(2018/10/31 8:38:51)
Our factory covering an area of over 3.000 squre meters.with an existing staff of more than 200 people,we experienced and specilaized in various of writing instruments,such as water color pens,marker,...  
stationery whiteborad color pens
We specialized in producting water color pens etc stationery.They are Smoothy writing,with vivid bright colors.the ink is imported,and our raw materials are confirm to International standards,like EN-...  

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