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Guangzhou Huibo Anti-forgery Ink Co., Ltd

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anti-frogery ink(5)
watermark ink
watermark ink(2018/11/20 11:33:39)
The prints of the watermark ink have the same effect as watermark paper. Under the sun, we observation can see a clear pattern of the watermark. because of low-cost, and watermark don’t need dedicated...  
Optical variable ink
Optical variable ink(2018/11/20 11:33:39)
Optical variable ink is the most complicated intervention-type anti-forgery ink. .The printing products using this ink has colorful metal luster in which color lump shows a pair of colors, red-green, ...  
Temperature sensitive ink
Temperature sensitive ink(2018/11/6 9:48:12)
Temperature sensitive ink is the ink that whose color can be changed with temperature. Temperature sensitive ink includes: reversible fading ink, reversible coloration ink,  
Infrared excitation ink
Infrared excitation ink(2018/11/6 9:48:12)
Infrared excitation ink is one of the highest anti-forgery product ,which made of infrared lighten material mixed with binder ,researched and developed with special handcrafted.It looks colorless in a...  
Ultraviolet fluorescent ink
Ultraviolet fluorescent ink(2018/11/6 9:48:25)
Ultraviolet fluorescent ink is a special printing one giving off visible light (400-800nm) while exposed to ultraviolet light (200-400nm). Ultraviolet light is divided into short wave and long wave ac...  

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