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Stationery in china

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Yiwu HongSheng stationery Co.,Ltd.

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Trade Leads
Stationery accessories(22)
Sell pair opens needles lever Arch
pair opens needles lever Arch  
Sell A gong of account
Sell A gong of account(2018/9/20 11:37:00)
many size  
Sell 20/26posts plastic clips
Sell 20/26posts plastic clips(2018/9/20 11:37:00)
20/26posts plastic clips  
Sell two poste plastic spring fasteners
hardware and plastic two /three poste  
Sell lever clips
Sell lever clips(2018/9/20 11:37:22)
lever clips  
Sell Jumbo clips
Sell Jumbo clips(2018/9/20 11:37:22)
jumbo clips  
Sell 22 needles of computer Binders
22 needles of computer Binders  
Sell Hard and portable
Sell Hard and portable(2018/10/11 16:32:51)
plastic hard and portable  
Sell The area inserts the head elastic
many size and other colour  
Sell bill clips
Sell bill clips(2018/10/11 16:19:16)
bill clips  

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