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Stationery in china

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T&F Enterprise JIangbei Ningbo

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No. 936
Trade Leads
ART SET(5)ruler(2)ball pen(9)Crayons(3)office tools(2)
school tools(2)
stock ball pen
stock ball pen(2014/7/9 8:33:51)
produced on August,2008,blue ink,50pc/box,master carton(4000pc),quality gurnatee,ink lenth 1000meter  
quality plastic ruler
quality plastic ruler(2018/7/3 16:37:05)
we enjoy the most advanced print tech. and mould at rulers,so we produce the most competitive rulers with excellent quality  
Sell stick ball pen
Sell stick ball pen(2014/7/9 8:33:51)
10kg pressure standard,anti hi-temperature ink,drop safe tip,cristal transparent barrel  
carpenter pencil
carpenter pencil(2018/7/9 10:06:26)
lenth 175mm width 12mm HB lead Liden wood very competitive price &quality  
sharpener(2018/7/18 15:52:42)
quality stainless blade sharpener  
highlighter fluorecent marker pen
school erasor
school erasor(2014/10/10 8:46:22)
quality erasor  
stapler(2018/7/19 10:53:21)
quality stapler  
ball pen
ball pen(2018/7/18 15:47:21)
gel pen
gel pen(2018/7/2 13:56:53)
gel pen  

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