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100% wood pulps high quality a4 copy paper
Xingtai, China
Features: Nice brightness Stay flat after copying Leaves no dust in copy machine With nice appearance, white and cl...  
Min.Order: 7800.00Pieces
Sell PP Note Pad Stand
Sell- Sell PP Note Pad Stand (2018/11/5 9:19:25)
Ningbo, China
No. Size Detail Package F025 144*84*21mm 200 216 Color:Black/blue  
Sell Loose-leaf PP Memo
Sell- Sell Loose-leaf PP Memo (2018/11/5 9:19:25)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Detail Package B5-18AM B5 275*215*21mm 26-ring 24/192 A5-18AM A5 224*179*21mm 20-r...  
Sell Colorful Memo
Sell- Sell Colorful Memo (2018/11/5 9:19:25)
Ningbo, China
No. Size Detail Package F026 150*102*22mm 6-ring 48/192 Color:Blue/green/red/yellow/white  
Sell Press-on Sticker
Sell- Sell Press-on Sticker (2018/11/5 9:19:25)
Ningbo, China
No. Size Detail Package B7020 3"*1/2" 400P/Bag 216/432 B7021 3"*3/4" 400P/Bag 144/288 B7022 1.5"*2" ...  
We sell A4 Papers 70gsm,75gsm,80gsm and 90gsm per ream
, Taiwan
Hello, Sir/Madam. We have A4 paper 80 gsm and 70 gsm also we have A3 paper A4 paper in roll.You can request for th...  
Min.Order: 8000.00Pieces
IK Plus Copier Papers 80gsm A4 Size
Sell- IK Plus Copier Papers 80gsm A4 Size (2018/11/2 10:04:15)
, Taiwan
We are engaged in the retailing of Copier papers that is made using high quality raw material. Moreover, they come in a ...  
Min.Order: 8000.00Pieces
SELL---Colored Copier Paper
Sell- SELL---Colored Copier Paper (2018/11/2 10:04:15)
Shijiazhuang, China
Color 11 colors(milk white, light yellow, pink, light green, light blue, orange yellow, orange red, lake blue, red, lemo...  
Min.Order: 0.00Pieces
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