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Medical Marker YL-909
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Medical Marker YL-909

Medical Marker YL-909

Published Date:2018/11/16 10:29:34
Deadlines:90 (Days)
Min. Order: 10000.00    

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Mike Yin Mr. (Manager)
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ZhejiangNingboNo.86,Hubin Road,Guanhaiwei,Cixi,315316,Zhejiang,China
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Medical Marker YL-909

Medical Marker YL-909

1 Conventional color is purple,and the size of the tip is 3mm

2 For radiology research treatmant of the environment,as well as marked and posited when the patient skin on surgical and dermatology medical treatmant

3 Using non-toxic ,non-stimilating enviroment of medical ink for marking clearly on the skin

4 Notes:Clean the skin and make it dry,and then marked by skin pen ;For disinfection and fixed marking with lodophor;Removing marks can be used low concentration of alcohol to wipe ;Covoided cross-infection,do not use a pen with more than pepole;Considered in patients with allergic reaction to the gention violet
Medical Marker YL-909
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