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MTGJ368B-4 glue stick
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MTGJ368B-4 glue stick

MTGJ368B-4 glue stick

Published Date:2020/4/13 14:08:21
Deadlines:90 (Days)
Min. Order: 10000.00    

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chuanfeng liu Mr. (manager)
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provincecitychengxi gaocheng town,yixing city
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MTGJ368B-4 glue stick

MITO BRAND GLUE STICK is different to ordinary, have better cost performance. excellent stability,shelf life over 18 months whether PVA or PVP glue.we can produce the colorless and colored, or containing glitter powder.non-toxic,harmless,tasteless,'s the solid object,mainly used for office or school supplies.non-flammable and explosive materials,easy to transport,no risk.its composition are:65% pure water,15% PVA or PVP,3% glycerin,15% STA,and 2% EYG

all glue stick have passed European CE and American ASTM-4236 standard.
MTGJ368B-4 glue stick
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