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Sinar Dunia A4s 70 gsm
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Sinar Dunia A4s 70 gsm

Sinar Dunia A4s 70 gsm

Published Date:2016/4/11 13:39:32
Origin: Indonesia
Brand:Sinar Dunia
$: 0.47      Min. Order:2000.00

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Contact Person:
Mr.  Handoko Putra(Sales Manager)
Contact Phone:
Company Fax:
Mobile Phone:
Jl. Bromo II No.102-108 Krakatau  Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Zip/Postal code:
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Sinar Dunia A4s 70 gsm

size : A4s
substance: 70g/m2
brightness: 100%
whiteness: CIE 167
Thickness: 110 um
Opacity: 98%
Roughness: 140 ml/min
Sheets/Reem: 500 sheets
Reams/Box: 5
Sinar Dunia A4s 70 gsm
(1)Dear sir /madam My name Phanna Stay in Cambodia I’m looking for source of copy paper importing to my country I interest in your product I want A4 70,75,80 gsm Pls detail me Term of payment Price Min order Port of discharge Thanks Regards PA Advertising Product manager---phanna  E-mail:   2009-07-28
(2)we wan to buy A4 copy paper with 80gsm please quote the best price qty 1x20cy or 40cy---ivy  E-mail:   2009-11-03
(3)HELLO!!! We are a company from Romania and want to buy for test 200 reams copy paper a4 80 gsm. Please let us know if this is possible and how much to transport up to romania. THANKS!!! Best Regards, Tunaru Nicolae---TUNARU NICOLAE  E-mail:   2010-05-02
(4)Posted: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 7:37 pm Post subject: Need to verify these companies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I’ve been looking for a supplier/wholesaler of Double A A4 papers on behalf of a client. Found some on but I doubt their genuineness. There were tell-tale signs some of them were fakes when they shied away when we said we will visit them in persons before sending any money. I’ll appreciate it if you could verify these companies. 1. Visindo Paper Inc. Post Address Jl. Bromo II No.102-108 Krakatau Medan - 20426 Sumatra Utara Indonesia Phone Office +62 61 68479034 E-mail Us Handoko Putra : Sunny : Fress Nababan : 2. PT Global Sign Store E-mail Sales Marketing: Customer Care: PT. Global Sign Office Center: Jl. Besar Deli Tua No.132 A Medan 20121 Phone Office:+62-61-66915305 Hot Line: +62-61-69915325 Web URL: 3. Poniman Printing & Publishing Tools E-mail Sales Marketing: Customer Care: Poniman Office Center Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.157 Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung 35215, Indonesia Phone Office: +62-61-91359455 URL: Thank You! Back to top admin Site Admin Joined: 28 Dec 2006 Posts: 80 Posted: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 5:26 am Post subject: Verification for VISINDO PAPER. INC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We didi a standard verificationfor this "company" few days ago for one of our premium customers, and these are the verification results for VISINDO PAPER INC: Nobody picks up the phone 62 61 68479034 on business hours on business days. We tried 3 times at different working hours. The ZIP Code 20426 of the company address does not exist in MEDAN The ZIP Code 20426 is incorrect for the address given. The correct ZIP code for J,L BROMO II 102-108-KRAKATAU is 20216 The company address is located in Medan. High concentration of fraud companies. VISINDO PAPER INC is not registered in KADIN (Chamber of Commerce) VISINDO PAPER INC is not a legal name for a company in Indonesia, as should be UD., CV. Or PT. VISINDO PAPER INC only sells branded items. Suspicious of fraud SIUP and NPWP documents supplied were FAKE. VISINDO PAPER INC is a SCAM company. We suggest you NOT sending any money to them, as you have no chances to get any goods later on.---betopc  E-mail:   2010-07-20
(5)how about your business, please like to do business with this company.i like to know your price A4spaper---ELEKE .S.E  E-mail: saintpac792   2011-02-03
(6)Dear Sir We the SS International has following urgent requirments. A4 Size Papers Qty: Per Month 25 Container, 20’ Long, Port of Destination: Goa-India Mode of Shipment: FOB by SEA, Payment Terms: L/c Date of delivery reuired: As soon as possible. Email Address:; Mobile: +974 55975800/+974 66105800 Fax: +974 44 37 4477/ Tel: +974 44 37 3377 Please send us your quote at the eralist. Best Regards S. Abdul Mannan---suresh  E-mail:   2011-05-02
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