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Metal Cutter Knife
Cutter Knife NC3150A
Cutter Knife NC3150A(2020/4/13 14:07:05)
contain NC1549 and NC1550  
Paper cutter knife NC237-1
Paper cutter knife NC237-1(2020/4/3 8:42:20)
Product name:Paper cutter knife Blade size:39.5*19.5mm easy use  
category >Gifts >> Other Gifts
Paper cutter knife NC237
Paper cutter knife NC237(2020/4/13 14:07:05)
Product name: Paper cutter knife Blade size:39.5*19.5mm easy use  
Cutter Knife NC234
Cutter Knife NC234(2020/4/13 14:07:05)
Product name: small cutter knife NC234  
Cutter Knife NC232
Cutter Knife NC232(2020/4/13 14:07:05)
Product name:Cutter Knife NC232 Blade size:80*9mm easy use  
Cutter Knife NC230
Cutter Knife NC230(2020/4/2 15:28:28)
Product name: Cutter Knife NC230 blade size:80*9mm Material:stainless iron  
Cutter Knife NC233
Cutter Knife NC233(2020/4/2 15:28:28)
Product name:Cutter knife Blade size:80*9mm Material: stainless steel Spare blade:1pc blade inside knife  
Cutter Knife NC1535
Cutter Knife NC1535(2020/4/2 15:28:28)
Product name:Cutter Knife NC1535 Blade size:80*9mm Material: aluminium alloy Spare blades:1pc blade inside blade  
Utility Knife NC1580-1
Utility Knife NC1580-1(2020/4/2 15:28:28)
Product name: Utility knife Blade Size: 61*19mm Material: Zinc-alloy Spare blades: 5 pcs blade inside knife Packing Methods Packing: Polybag 144pcs in a carton, G. W/N. W.: 23/21kgs Meas...  
Cutter Knife NC1540
Cutter Knife NC1540(2020/4/2 15:28:28)
Item No.: NC1540 Product name: Cutter knife Blade Size: 28*9mm Material: Zinc-Alloy Spare blades: 1 PC blade  

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