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Cutter Knife NC1269S
Cutter Knife NC1269S
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Published Date: 2018/11/23 9:15:49
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Keywords:stationery knife  cutter knife  knife  

Cutter Knife NC1269S

Item No.: NC1269S
Product name: Cutter knife
Blade Size: 100*18mm
Material: ABS case +TPR cover
Spare blades: 1 pc blade
Cutter Knife NC1269S
Comment On:
(1)I want this Cutter to use for but don’t know this will work well or not. I am a bit confuse about the working ratio. The color of the Cutter is different as compared to the old versions.---Brady Vincent  E-mail:   2019-04-04
(2)I am hence glad by myself observed the site. tree trimming---Joshua A. Price  E-mail:   2019-05-07

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